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Active Sanitation

Now more than ever there must be certainty for those who often find themselves traveling either for business or for leisure and are looking for an accommodation for frequent stays, a certainty that the Hotel where you’re going to stay has high standards of hygiene, also regarding the air you breathe.

And that’s what we do; an important aspect we’d like to emphasize, especially in this new phase of the COVID emergency, is that the Ghibli Hotel has been active through several strategies including the groundbreaking ventilation and air conditioning system with a continuous air recycle H24: the air is drawn from the outside then introduced into the flow through active purification filters and UV lamps.
The air is eventually disposed of outside the building.

  • The “PCOTM” technology from “Micropure” modules uses the combined action of a special UV lamp’s light with a catalyst structure made of a metal alloy with a honeycomb matrix, made of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and 3 other noble metals to a lesser extent.
  • “Micropure” modules invested by airflow give origin to a photocatalytic reaction that can produce hydroxyl radicals (•OH) and hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2) in small quantities - not exceeding 0,02 PPM.
    H2 O2 and •OH allow to sanitize both the airflow and the air vents thanks to its high efficiency in decomposing the pathogens.

    Effective against bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens, odor, and volatile organic compounds.

    We’re waiting for you in Civitanova Marche guaranteeing you the utmost attention for your relaxation and health.

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    • Daniele
      Daniele Receptionist
      "At Ghibli we work with passion and enthusiasm, so that your stay will be a pleasant experience of hospitality and warmth."

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