Let's go back to enjoying ourselves consciously and respectfully!

Ghibli Hotel will guide you towards a SAFE STAY in the name of relax. We have always stood out for our high standard of hygiene, as shown in our brand reputation regarding cleanliness. We truly excel with the use of disposable duvet bags, a thorough cleaning of all the spaces with carefully selected products, the high-quality furniture (that allows an easy and deep cleaning) and a state-of-the-art ventilation system with air extraction and air re-entering directly from the outside systems, treated with hydrogen peroxide that provides a top-notch quality and disinfection of every surface. Additionally, every room in our Hotel has a beautiful and comfortable panoramic balcony.

The current emergency obviously requires us to implement safety and hygiene measures to protect our guests and our staff. That’s why we decided to invest in the following solutions:

  • The disinfection of every area will be handled with the help of sophisticated machinery for the active sanitation like the one using ozone and hydrogen peroxide which is directly installed in our air conditioning system
  • Sanitation gel dispensers have been placed all over the hotel
  • Face coverings and face masks will continue to be required for anyone who has access to the Hotel to ensure safety and peace of mind. You will be able to buy our SAFE KIT that includes a face mask, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves, and sanitizing wipes that will be useful especially in areas like the elevator where we suggest 2 guests at a time. Though elevators will be sanitized several times throughout the day
  • Temperature check will be carried upon the arrival of our guests in order to ensure a total peace of mind for the full duration of the stay
  • A delicious and varied buffet breakfast will be served to guests in the breakfast room following a time-based access to avoid gatherings as required by National Health directives. Also, food will be protected by cloches and most of it will be served directly to the guest from our staff. Disposable gloves will be handed to the guest to be able to access the buffet. Room service for your breakfast remains a lovely alternative, without time slots too!
  • Our staff is specially prepared to handle this emergency at best and they will welcome you safely and following every preventive measure

Are you ready to be a SAFE GUEST?


Tel. 0733 772969 - info@ghibli-hotel.it

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  • Daniele
    Daniele Receptionist
    "At Ghibli we work with passion and enthusiasm, so that your stay will be a pleasant experience of hospitality and warmth."

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